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We know how important your wedding dress is to you. Let us help clean and preserve it for years to come.

Whether the dress is delicate lace, has ornamental features, or is a family heirloom we take great pride in providing a premium service that treats each garment with special attention.

We’re also able to repair any hem damage and small rips or tears to the dress.

The dress is packaged with acid-free paper to ensure it’s preserved in pristine condition. It is then placed in a specially storage designed box, that protects against dust and harmful UV light.

We’re able to refresh your wedding shoes and bag too, on request.

Our specialist Bridal Service also extends to the entire wedding party as we offer cleaning services for the bridesmaids, groomsmen and any other high-value garments.

Stop by or call us on 0207 602 9054 to discuss this bespoke service in more detail.