With decades of cleaning experience behind us, we’ve developed a
6-Stage Cleaning Process that ensures the highest quality clean and finish.

1. Detailing

Each item is carefully examined by one of our specially trained team. They identify the type of fabric, check buttons and decorative details, and note any stains or damage so that our Cleaning Technicians are fully prepared.

2. Stain Removal

Our Cleaning Technicians expertly remove any stains or marks from the fabric by hand. Each stain is inspected for type so we use the best possible cleaning techniques and cleaning agent.

Some stains are extra stubborn! If they can’t be removed, our staff will notify you. Special tougher methods can be used, but only with your permission.

Special, tougher methods can be used, but only with your permission.

3. Cleaning

Our cleaning technicians determine the most appropriate cleaning method to use for each item. Cleaning options including hand-washing, classic dry cleaning, or cutting edge gentle Lagoon Wet Cleaning™ methods. Our equipment is the best available, and our cleaning agents are proprietary and non-toxic.

4. Hand Finishing

All garments are expertly pressed and hand finished by our experienced technicians using the latest Italian finishing equipment. Hand-finishing is essential to achieve our trademark impeccable quality.

5. Quality Control

Each item is carefully inspected to ensure that all aspects of our cleaning and finishing have been carried out to our highest standards.

6. Packaging

Garments are carefully packaged to ensure that they are delivered to you in an impeccable condition, ready for storage or to be worn. We use high quality packaging material including tissue, hangers, special bags and boxes to protect your garments.

As part of our initiative to protect the environment we continually strive to source biodegradable packaging material and we provide our customers with reusable bags and garment carriers.

We offer free collection and delivery on all items. Give us a call on 0207 602 9054 to book a slot today.